Fort Succession Capital

On a mission to acquire and operate a company and build on its seller’s legacy

Why the name Fort?

A fort is a large, strong, and permanent place in a strategic position, surrounded by a strong wall, designed to be defended from attack. This one word is a symbol of our mission to provide you a succession opportunity, protect legacy, employees and suppliers and facilitate growth.

About Us


We seek to acquire a private company in Canada. We have the dedicated support and financial backing of a group of experienced Canadian entrepreneurs, investors, and operators with experience growing organizations


We are willing to create a deal and a succession plan centered around value creation for all stakeholders. We seek to provide exit opportunities to business owners with a focus on building on the legacy that you have created


We are here to roll up our sleeves and partner with your employees and suppliers to ensure continued success of your customers in the long term, and a beneficial impact on your community and the environment

Our Focus

We're searching for an easy-to-understand business. Consider these characteristics as guidelines - not all need to apply to your company


  • Over 3 years of profitability

  • $1 – 3 million in annual profits

  • Recurring revenue

  • Potential for growth

  • Located in Canada


  • Business & Industrial Services

  • Warehousing & Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Clean Energy & Energy Transition

  • Other industries with growth potential

Our Process


Issue a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to explore ownership, vision, goals, and preliminary terms.


Discuss customers, products, finance, marketing, sales and growth. Submit indication of interest (IOI)


Review finance, legal, operations and transition plan. Submit letter of intent (LOI).


Finalize the purchase and sales agreement (PSA) and other legal documentation

Our Team

Laolu Fashesin
Chief Executive Officer

Laolu grew up surrounded by successful entrepreneurs. While working at family businesses, he developed respect and appreciation for the hard work, tenacity and satisfaction that come with owning and operating a business; and the tremendous opportunity to make a direct beneficial impact on the community and the environment.Laolu is responsible for the daily operations and sourcing of one great company for Fort Capital. He will provide oversight and strategic direction to the management team of the acquired company. Laolu is always ready to listen and learn and does not claim to know more than a team that is already successful and will not interfere with what already works. Laolu is backed by a strong group of experienced Canadian entrepreneurs, operators and investors.When not busy working and thinking about business, Laolu enjoys travelling, running, playing tennis, biking, hanging out with family and friends, and watching TV shows. He lives with his wife, and they are proud to call Toronto home. Laolu has also lived and worked in Vancouver, Washington, D.C. and Nigeria.Laolu has over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, private equity investing, company management, and financial advisory. He has experience in sourcing, due diligence, execution, and active company management. He enjoyed supporting company management teams and employees on a variety of strategic projects as the companies grew.

Work Experience


  • Fort Succession Capital

  • PragerNuform Inc.

  • Investment Management Corporation (IMCO)

  • British Columbia Investments (BCI)

  • World Bank International Finance Corporation

  • ARM-Harith Infrastructure Private Equity Fund

  • Travant Capital

  • KPMG Financial Advisory

  • MBA, University of Toronto

  • Undergraduate degree in Accounting

  • Chartered Accountant



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